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Quality Process

Each finished leather products are screened by the in-house leather quality control team before making it available to our customers. Our leather products are appreciated for design, pattern, stitching, longevity and quality standards of leather.
We implement a 5 stage process from choosing skins to production.
  1. Selection of skins as per desired articles at wet blue stage
  2. Skins are again selected in dyed crust - skins not suitable are taken out
  3. Finished checked at factory for color / thickness / touch etc leather is again.
  4. Leather skins are cut as per requirement and checked before going on machines for production
  5. In Line inspections are done to make sure stitching quality is top of the line.

6 level QC operations are performed once garment are ready
  1. All garments are thoroughly checked for measurements
  2. All labels and Lining is checked for any mistakes
  3. Initial inspection is done which covers all aspects
  4. Final Inspection is performed by Senior level QC who are well trained to check garment thoroughly as per requirement
  5. Before packing each garment is checked again to make sure all is as required.
  6. After packing before going in cartons we make sure to check barcodes and country stickers to make sure there is no logistics mistake